On The Air: Spruce Health Group in the News

On The Air: Spruce Health Group in the News

When Your Treatments are Groundbreaking… you have to Spread the News! On the Air: KHOW and Fox 31 Denver!

Spruce On the Air. Even so, recently founded in the Fall of 2020, Spruce Health Group has helped so many already.

Spruce Health Group in the News. The Spruce Health Group team is excited to be featured on the air: KHOW and Fox 31 Denver. And we are happy to partner with folks like Michael Brown and Tom Parkin to share our story and help more people in our communities. We are focused on #HealthyMobility, #HealthyLiving, and as of 2022, #HealthyMetabolism too… which by the way, has a tremendous impact on Healthy Mobility and Healthy Living!

But, why have my doctors not heard of you?

Well, since we did launch in 2020, despite growth, it has been just a little difficult to get the time and focus of the healthcare community lately (global pandemic and all that).

That doesn’t mean we do not have a profound impact on our patients. Just click here to check out some of our testimonials!

Now as we migrate back to “Normal”, we are starting to get the word out!

In February our CEO Dr. Christopher Osgood was live with KHOW’s Michael Brown on The Situation1. You can listen to the interview on our YouTube channel.

“Being able to find things [treatment protocols] out there that work for patients and help reduce pain, let them have a more mobile life, and have flexibility… that’s what my passion is,” Dr. Osgood.

In April, Dr. Andrew Allen is featured on Fox Colorado Health Matters.

Airing Sunday mornings in April 2022, see inside our clinics, hear from Dr. Andrew Allen, and from our patients on Colorado Health Matters2 airing on Fox 31 Denver.



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