Healthy Knee Protocol

Healthy Knee Protocol

Relieve your knee pain and increase mobility – without surgery

Could you benefit from a healthy knee protocol? Have you been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA)?

OA is the third most common chronic disease in the US, behind heart disease and cancer. Nearly 24 million people suffer from OA across the nation.

Almost half of adults may develop symptomatic OA in one or both knees by the age of 85. Among those who are obese, two out of three people will develop OA in a knee during their lifetime.

That growing number of cases led to nearly a million knee replacements done in 2017, a number expected to reach 2.6 million by 2030.

Our Healthy Knee Protocol offers an alternative approach to improving knee health

We understand your hesitation to undergo major surgery on one or both knees.

You don’t have to get major surgery or joint replacement. You can experience increased mobility and relief from pain.

We offer a unique, proven, non-surgical treatment program for OA of the knee. Using an integrated combination of effective medical procedures, stress relief, and exercise, we help patients significantly reduce knee pain and improve joint function. Multiple case studies over the last five years show more than 90% of our patients experienced pain reduction and improved function after going through our Advanced Knee Care Protocol.

Our multi-faceted, integrated, holistic approach to improving your knee health was designed by our team of medical experts. They will provide you treatments on the cutting edge of medical science. Their focus is on getting you moving with more ease and experiencing the freedom to do more in life.

“Great location. Their team knows there stuff and my left knee joint pain has completely disappeared. Everything they do is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. I would recommend them to other people suffering from knee pain who don’t want to resort to surgery.”
Owen M. – 2021

Get back to the things you love. Less pain and improved ease of movement mean you can be more active. Enjoy your family, accomplish your daily tasks more easily, get out and do the things you love with the people you love. Embrace your health and live life the way you want. The comfort, strength, and confidence boost our patients get from being able to move is life changing.

Make the move toward Healthy Mobility and Healthy Living

Call us today to arrange for a free consultation. Learn more about our healthy Knee Care Protocol and see how it helps you reduce knee pain, improve mobility, and boost your quality of life.

Medicare and many private insurance companies cover all or part of this course of treatment. We are happy to discuss details as part of your consultation with us.