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Keep your knee
joints happy

With less pain, more mobility—& less chance of surgery

Expect that from your personalized health-care plan & team.


Are you doing less of the activities you love?


  • Your knees ache
  • Got stiffness or low range of movement
  • Swelling around the joints
  • Clicking or crackling sounds when bending the bugger
  • Or been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis

Ouch—we know.


About Osteoarthritis (OA)… 

  • The 3rd most chronic disease in the U.S.—behind heart disease & cancer
  • About 1/2 of adults suffer from OA in one or both knees by the age of 85
  • Millions of knee replacements, with 2.6M expected by 2030

Ah, but there’s help

Our Healthy Knee Protocol offers an alternative approach to improving your knee health.


Surgery or replacement does not have to be in your future. Instead, get a combination of: lightweight procedures, stress relief & exercise. Such as…


  • Joint injections to relieve pain & inflammation
  • Physical therapy to improve joint & movement
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections to heal injured tissues
  • Tissue supplementation for better appearance & movement
  • Exercise plan for mobility
  • Weight Loss plan for vitality
  • Nutrition plan for overall health


Over 90% of our patients feel less pain & more mobility when & after going through this program. Our doctors designed a holistic approach to keep knees feeling good & moving more freely. So the aging population can…


  • Resume more activities they love
  • Travel more often & to more far away places
  • Chase their grandkids around the house & playground
  • Keep up with others that are moving about the world
  • Enjoy waking up—refreshed for the day ahead

And live with confidence knowing your knees are treating you just right.


Because you treated them—just right.


Here’s what Owen had to say about it…

“Great location. Their team knows there stuff and my left knee joint pain has completely disappeared. Everything they do is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. I would recommend them to other people suffering from knee pain who don’t want to resort to surgery.”

~ Owen M. – 2021

Ready to learn more?

  1. 1Schedule your appointment
  2. 2Get an assessment of your knees
  3. 3Determine the right plan—for you

Our plan works with Medicare & several other popular coverage plans. Learn the details in our call.

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