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Less pain.
  • Life.
  • Biking.
  • Dancing.
  • 14'ers.
  • Hiking.
  • Running.
  • Playing.

Isn’t that what every active adult wants?

Get a personalized healthcare plan & team to live a more pain-free, active & healthy life.

Westword Best of Denver Award 2024
  • Keep your knees & joints happy

    Keep your knees & joints happy

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Make the rest—your best years

    Make the rest—your best years

  • Too many of us Colorado residents…

    As we age...

    Too many of us Colorado residents…

    • Live with pain as we move about
    • Stop doing the activities we love
    • Struggle keeping up with family & friends
    • Hate the prognosis of getting surgery
    • Lose sleep which affects everything else in life
    • Endure a healthcare provider that seems not to even care

    That. Stops now.

    Ready to keep running around with all the others?


    A team working together to keep you active  & healthy

    With a personalized plan of medical care, physical therapy & life style changes—so you can enjoy more

    • More simplicity

      More simplicity

      Less chance of needing drugs & surgery for what ails you

    • More bliss

      More bliss

      Keep doing the activities you’ve enjoyed most of your life

    • More rest

      More rest

      Sleep more soundly each night to feel more refreshed each day

    • More youth

      More youth

      Feel less aches & pains more often to feel more Benjamin Buttons like

    • More adventure

      More adventure

      Stay in tip-top shape to explore & travel the world

    • More care

      More care

      Nurse practitioners, physical therapists, estheticians & medical assistants—that care

    Ready to be more pain free & active vs. staying sick & on pills?

    "Very grateful I found Spruce Health Group! I received Hyaluronic acid injections in my knee and shoulder, which has been a game changer. Erin and the team at Spruce Heath are the greatest. If you have painful joints or other health problems, I recommend you contact them and see if they can help."

    - Larry B.

    "I have been to Spruce Health twice now. I am very pleased with the quality of care and the professionalism of the staff."

    - Ric Reifel

    "Dr Korin is FANTASTIC!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Best PT in the world 😀 It had been 20 years since I could sit on the floor cross-legged and not cry. Now I can do a puzzle on the floor with my granddaughter. PRICELESS 😀"

    - David Butts

    “The staff at Spruce Health Group in Littleton are exceptional. Professionally focused, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I have always felt well cared for and comfortable, along with amazing treatment results. A friendly, inviting environment that sets you at ease. I highly recommended them.”

    - Don T. Lawrence

    “I'm so grateful for this office and for Erin. She not only is professional, kind, and knowledgeable she also does an amazing job. I've had knee injections by several different providers over the last 7 years and hands down Erin is the very best!!!”

    - Rosemary Custer

    "Erin and Holly are fantastic HCWs, they are sensitive to the patients' needs, they discuss options to address those needs and you leave the office knowing you’re moving forward in a positive direction."

    - Thomas Spellman

    "So professional and great people here!"

    - Erika Guest

    "The staff is very helpful and informative. I am very happy with the way things are going."

    - Gary Stevens

    "I am absolutely amazed and pleased at how much better my knee feels from the care I received at Spruce Health Group. The follow up rehab has made a huge difference in my strength and flexibility. I have a life pattern that I exercise 6 days a week, but the rehab person at Spruce showed me how to do a better workout with my exercise and yoga routine and exercises to avoid. Motion is lotion is so true at any age but particularly important as one gets older. Spruce - keep up the great work helping people get moving and stay moving!"

    - Karin Hall

    "Fantastic place!! The PRP has healed my torn meniscus and the gel treatments help both knees so much!!"

    - Lewis Blackburn

    "The staff here is awesome 👍 I like coming here."

    - Helen Johnson

    "This place is so awesome and everyone that works there as well. All the procedures have been successful and Meaghan is the best at PT ever. Sooo glad I made this choice and feel so comfortable getting my knees taken care of."

    - Liz Schermerhorn

    "I am glad that I have had the opportunity to work with the Spruce Health Group. The staff has been professional and have kept me informed throughout the entire process. I have seen positive results in a short amount of time. I highly recommend their services."

    - Pat Malloy

    "I’ve had a great experience with the staff and physicians. they’re all caring professionals."

    - Russ Steele

    "Very happy with my decision to move my care to this clinic. I've since referred a number of other people as well."

    - Noah Drucker

    "Spruce Health (Group) in Littleton is WONDERFUL!! The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. They understand the pain that I am dealing with in my knees. The injections have reduced my pain tremendously. I highly recommend Spruce Health (Group).

    - Cindi Rhule

    "Very informative and helpful !!"

    - Alden Kautz

    "The staff was super friendly and helpful with everything!! Thank you"

    - Larry Castor

    "Very impressed with Spruce Health (Group)...I would highly recommend the office on Dry Creek. They seem to respect and care for their patients and they show integrity."

    - Viktoria Sholes

    "The staff are awesome and so knowledgeable. I’m grateful for the time they spent educating me and answering my questions. They are out of network for me but I’m choosing to do private pay."

    - Marti Hannon

    "Great people excellent customer service I actually went in the day early by accident and they had no trouble seeing me I would highly recommend these guys."

    - Mike Naranjo

    "Spruce Healthcare has always provided the BEST services and treated me and my family wonderfully every time. Highly recommended."

    - Colton Ladyga

    "Highly professional and knowledgeable team in regards to my knee injury and the treatment approach. I would definitely recommend Spruce Health Group."

    - Gary Kaiser

    "Very nice people!"

    - Ruthie Williams

    "Very professional, caring and kind staff. The office is clean and well equipped I was very impressed on my first visit!!!"

    - Sue Asleson

    "...After many years of pain, I'm looking forward to mountain biking and boarding again.😉"

    - Don Bryant

    "The team handled me with care and real concern of how best to treat my pain."

    - Jason Heard

    "Thanks to the team at Spruce Health (Group). My knee feels great. Between the injections...and the PT..., after months of ongoing knee pain, I am back to near 100%. Highly recommend these guys."

    - Dennis Zehnle

    "From my first call...(to) Spruce Health Group in Littleton I felt that I had found the perfect place to help with my constant knee pain. The professionalism and caring of the medical staff/doctors is unsurpassed. I highly recommend visiting Spruce Health Group in Littleton!❤️"

    - April Bosworth

    "Answer to my Prayers 🙏... Getting my quality of life back so I can keep up with the Grandbabies and hit my next 14teener ♥️"

    - Jerry Biesboer

    "Everyone is super nice and helpful. They were able to get me pain-free after years of constant nagging pain... I love the Littleton Branch!!"

    - Tiffany Smith

    "The best thing I have done with my knee ever! Staff is great and professional and very flexible with my schedule! Awesome care!"

    - Angie Fulmer

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    Why wait any longer? Your body sure ain't.

    “It shouldn’t be so hard to live pain free” Well said. That’s why we created this business. To help people take control of their future—with simple, intuitive, proven treatments & approaches.

    • Schedule your appointment

      Identify your pains ∙ Get an evaluation ∙ Get a plan

    • Plan your health

      The right team ∙ The right care ∙ The right lifestyle

    • Live your life

      No more pain ∙ Way more mobility ∙ Back to an active life

    Shawn Barrieau - CEO of Spruce Health Group

    Shawn Barrieau

    CEO of Spruce Health Group


    “It’s too easy to choose surgery”

    Unfortunately, that’s the truth of today’s healthcare culture. However… surgery should be the more alternative approach. So people can keep & use their ‘original equipment’ longer. But too many people think or are told, “it’s too late to save your joints.” And too often… that’s just not true. We know because our entire business model & mission is to…

    “Keep you moving as long as possible before choosing surgery or joint replacement.”

    • Like the idea of keeping your original equipment longer?
    • While living a more vibrant life?
    • Resuming the activities you’ve enjoyed for a lifetime?

    Ready for a free assessment to “know your chances” for more free movement?

    WHY US

    Getting you back to doing MORE of what you love since 2019

    • 100s of patients feel 90% less pain—from their 1st treatment
    • Treat top-tier athletes, including Denver Bronco’s players
    • We explain everything in plain English—so you’ll understand your choices
    • We follow up continuously—to support your long-term health care
    Spruce Health Group Google Reviews
    200+ 5 Star reviews on Google
    Why Spruce Health Group


    Live the rest of life —on your own terms

    And… feel heard & cared for by your team. Make informed decisions about your health. Live life with more peace & calm.

    • Healthy Knee Care Protocol

      Healthy Knee Care Protocol

      Provable, non-surgical treatments to keep your knees happy. A combo of light procedures, stress relief, nutrition & exercise.

    • Medical Weight Loss Protocol

      Medical Weight Loss Protocol

      Combines strategies to help you look and feel your best. Around: diet, exercise, checkups, vitamin injections & therapies to balance hormones.

    • Hormone Replacement Therapy

      Hormone Replacement Therapy

      A carefully crafted, personalized plan that evaluates not only hormonal imbalances but also joint health and strategies for healthy living. We monitor and adjust for optimal progress for continued well being later in life.


    How would you like your later years to continue?

    With an integrated plan…

    • Avoid unnecessary procedures
    • Move freely without pain
    • Feel more energy & vitality
    • Have a plan you trust
    • Feel in control of your health

    Or without one…

    • Keep living with pain
    • Keep missing out on activities you’ve always loved
    • Keep being at risk for chronic health complications
    • Keep relying on drugs, pills, or surgery
    • Keep being vulnerable to major health costs
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    ​​5 Mistakes That Worsen Knee Pain

    And how to avoid them

    Got some aching knee pains?
    Want some tips to go from ‘ouch’ to ‘ahh?’


    Don’t gamble with your health another day

    “I’m tired of living with these aches. I thought I’d be playing harder & traveling more at this stage of my life. I want be more mobile & healthy. I’m ready to do something about it.”


    Perfect. Let’s do that.

    Contact us. We’ll respond quickly to answer your question or schedule your appointment.