spruce health group


"Helping people live longer, better."

~ Spruce Health Group

How to think of us

We help people keep & use their ‘original equipment’ longer

  • Live active lives through integrated healthcare
  • Personalized healthcare plans to live a more pain-free, active lifestyle
  • Preventative care to avoid unnecessary medicines & surgeries
  • Works with Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare & other healthcare provider plans
  • A team of nurse practitioners, chiropractors, PTs, estheticians & medical assistants

How we‘ll help you

Providing relief for people who crave more for their life 

  • Alleviate symptoms of hormone deficiency or imbalance, through Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Mobility, sports-related injuries
  • Degenerative diseases & age-related health complications
  • General healthy living options like anti-aging treatments & medical-assisted weight loss
  • Skilled care with an emphasis on techniques and treatments to meet patient needs & goals

Where we’ll help you

Serving Littleton

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Ready to feel more energetic & positive about life?


And ready to…


  • Live with less aches & pains—finally?
  • Make the rest of your years—your best years?
  • Work with a team that’s going to treat you as a human, versus a number

3 simple steps…

  1. 1Schedule your appointment
    • Identify your pains – Get an evaluation – Get a plan
  2. 2Plan your health
    • The right team – The right care – The right lifestyle
  3. 3Live your life
    • No more pain – Way more mobility – Back to an active life

Our plan works with Medicare & most other coverage plans. Learn the details in our call.