Spruce Health Group Opens Aurora Practice

Spruce Health Group Opens Aurora Practice

Spruce Health Group, the Colorado-based healthcare clinic providing cutting-edge regenerative medicine to seniors, today announced the opening of its Aurora location. The news comes on the heels of the recently announced Golden clinic, which opened in mid-August 2020. Spruce Health Group specializes in anti-aging medicine, regenerative medicine, joint and knee pain, age-related complications treatment, and more.

Today, more than 38% of seniors are either overweight and/or in need of orthopedic care, but eight out of ten aren’t seeking treatment. While Colorado is widely known for its injury clinics, many are targeted towards sports therapy and younger athlete injuries, disregarding the senior population.

“We founded Spruce Health Group to be an integrative treatment destination specifically for seniors and the ailments they face in a time when they need it most,” said Dr. Andrew Allen, Head of Clinical Operations at Spruce Health Group. “It’s no question that health problems plaguing seniors have been exacerbated by the pandemic in recent months. Many are more sedentary than normal due to the stay-at-home orders, and when seniors do need medical treatment they’re less likely to seek it due to the increased risk of exposure. These factors, coupled with rising virus cases are taking a significant toll on the health and wellbeing of this high-risk population.”

Osteoarthritis is the third leading chronic disease in America, with more than 1 million people receiving a knee replacement every single year. In an effort to provide non-invasive, long-term pain alleviation and mobility, Spruce Health Group’s Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol instead focuses on fluoroscopically-guided intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections, unloading knee bracing & orthotics, targeted physical therapy, and regenerative medicine. In a recent study of 384 patients, 99.74% experienced some reduction of pain and improvement of function, 92.7% experienced a 50% or greater reduction of pain and improvement of function, and X-ray and MRI scans showed evidence of increased overall joint space and cartilage regeneration.

“At Spruce Health Group we know there isn’t one specific solution to alleviating and healing chronic pain,” said Allen. “Our custom treatment protocols evaluate each patient to generate the best possible course of action for their personal case. Over the course of several weeks we work directly with patients to achieve material improvement without surgery, allowing seniors to live their life again.”

Spruce Health Group now has two Colorado locations in Golden and Aurora.

Originally posted on November 24, 2020 at Colorado Community Media