#HealthyMobility means being “in it to win it”!

#HealthyMobility means being “in it to win it”!

When it comes to really enjoying life to the fullest, pain free mobility is key. In fact, we feel that #HealthyMobility means being “in it to win it”! Personally, winning in the Springtime means playing with my dogs, gardening, and most importantly grandchildren. So that means I have to be ready to heft a bag of dirt to start the garden beds, lift a “heavier than he looks” squirming Dachshund who has a bad back, or, the absolute best, swing in circles a squealing, growing-every-day Grandchild. But pain can impact these simple activities and so much more. I’m in my early 50s, and being active keeps the spring in my steps. If you too are not ready to slow down as your body may be hinting at, you can do something about it!

Spruce offers a progressive program for joint pain and it is approached in a truly personalized manner. The four pillar modality utilizes diagnostic testing and the initial consult to identify your bodies issues and help you look at your personal goals (i.e. swing a 40 lb 3-year-old in circles!). Many of our patients have super active lifestyles they strive to maintain with as little pain as possible. In our consults we like to capture the dream and work with the patient to achieve it. Our reviews and testimonials are chock full of golfers, pickleball players, marathon runners, and of course other active dog moms like me!

Once we truly understand your lifestyle, joint challenges and goals, we can determine the right approach for injections. While the substance will vary based on your personal situation, a key to accuracy and your #HealthyMobility is our fluoroscope. Our medical providers utilize a fluoroscope to ensure accuracy on joint injections. Our patients can literally see the space (or lack thereof) in the joints on the screen. Exactly what type of injection is customized. Spruce offers “classic” and quick steroid injections; HA or Hyaluronic Acid to lubricate the joints; PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma injections support your body’s healing mechanism; and Spruce’s newest product, Interfyl®, is a truly revolutionary Human Connective Tissue Matrix.

But the injection, while it is a large part of the treatment, shouldn’t stand alone. Remember, #HealthyMobility means being “in it to win it”! Spruce has two additional pillars that directly impact the success of our patients on their joint pain relief journey. When beginning treatment we also schedule out your physical therapy, ensuring we are strengthening your body. Our team of DPTs are experts in working with patients to maximize the benefits of the joint injections. And for certain joints, especially knees, we also provide bracing to offload pressure and provide support.

It is really a #HealthyMobility total package. No, it’s not a magic bullet, but our patient reviews and testimonials prove that we are helping real people meet real goals. Our team is proud of that. Personally, when I read a new review and hear how we have enabled someone to be “in it to win it”… it touches my heart. Not as much as the squealing toddler, but close!