The Superfoods Search

The Superfoods Search

What Are Superfoods?

The search for, and promotion of, “superfoods” that combat the chronic diseases plaguing our society such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, to name a few, continues with great fervor.

Unfortunately, there is no scientifically based regulation or definition of “superfoods.” These foods we seek have been found to contain high levels of a particular nutrient that is associated with the prevention of any one of the aforementioned diseases, increases our longevity, or generally promotes better health. Then these products are given the moniker of a “superfood”, which increases consumption and sales of these products in our society.

Our Diet As A Whole

If we can step back from this superfood focus and look at our diet as a whole, we can improve our health in a broader sense. That is not to say that we avoid superfoods, but rather that we include them in a diet that incorporates mostly unprocessed, plant-based products coupled with healthy proteins and oils as well as proper hydration. Along with these dietary considerations, we should also consider daily physical activity of some form to improve our physical and mental well-being.

The Importance Of Building Strength And Endurance Slowly

Bear in mind if you are getting back to exercise activities, it is good to keep in mind the importance of building strength and endurance slowly over several weeks. A gradual increase can improve the odds of avoiding injury and setbacks.

Consider starting with low-impact activities, especially those that grow your endurance, flexibility, and strength. Activities like stretching classes, Yoga, ti chi, group gym classes, swimming, water aerobics, and walking are all wonderful #HealthyLiving, #HealthMobility options.

Consult With Your Primary Care Physician

Please note that the above suggestions are not intended to be dietary modifications or exercise recommendations for any particular individual. The best recommendation is to consult directly with your primary care physician in order to develop an individualized, comprehensive diet and exercise plan.