Holly Rick, MA

Patient Care Coordinator, Medical Assistant

Holly Rick, MA

Holly Rick is an EMT and Patient Care Coordinator in our Littleton, CO clinic. She received her Bachelor of Arts in 2023 in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and a second degree in Neuroscience from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. She has experience with molecular biology and neuroscience laboratory techniques and specializes in human anatomy and physiology.

Holly has a special interest in neurodegenerative diseases, having worked with patients with macular degeneration and multiple sclerosis over the last few years and hoping to improve patient quality of life. She will eventually attend medical school to further this passion for research-based approaches to provide exceptional care.

When choosing a certification for patient care in a clinical setting, Holly Rick was drawn to emergency medicine for its teamwork, efficiency, and remarkable work ethic. Her hope is that in any setting, her focused, confident, and friendly demeanor will provide comfort to those around her. She will always advocate for the patient to ensure that she is providing the best possible care while preserving dignity and maintaining a respectful environment.

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Holly enjoys spending time outdoors whether it is at the beach or in the mountains! She enjoys hiking, skiing, swimming, and being outside with her dog. She also spends a lot of her free time reading and writing, and traveling to visit family and friends.