Chris Zamucen

Clinic Manager

Chris Zamucen

Chris Zamucen leads the team in Littleton as the Clinic Manager. He is a seasoned healthcare professional with over a decade of experience in various medical specialties. After graduating from Everest College as a certified medical assistant, he embarked on a multifaceted journey in the medical field, serving as a Medical Assistant in orthopedic clinics, podiatry, and interventional pain management settings. His expertise extends to providing essential patient care, assisting with procedures, and ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Having diversified his experience, Chris transitioned into the role of a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) technician, where he diligently provided patients with braces, splints, and post-surgical equipment, contributing to their rehabilitation and recovery process.

Over the past three years, Chris Zamucen has flourished in management roles, demonstrating strong leadership skills and a dedication to team development. His commitment to excellence and passion for healthcare administration has propelled him to seek continuous growth in management practices and healthcare operations.

Beyond the professional realm, Chris’s interests extend to sports, particularly baseball, which he actively participated in throughout high school. Currently residing in Colorado, he enjoys spending quality time with his daughter, who has a passion for ice skating, and his son, an avid soccer enthusiast. Originally from California, Chris has also lived in Arizona, enriching his perspective and adaptability to diverse environments.

With a blend of clinical expertise, managerial acumen, and a passion for personal and professional growth, Chris remains dedicated to making a positive impact in healthcare management and fostering a culture of excellence in patient care.