Victoria Gallegos, AOS, BHA

Medical Assistant

Victoria Gallegos, AOS, BHA
Victoria Gallegos AOS, BHA is the Medical Assistant at our Littleton, CO Clinic. She is a Colorado native, graduated with a strong connection to the Littleton area having graduated from Columbine High School in 2010. Victoria received her Associates of Occupational Sciences Degree in 2013 at College America-Denver and later returned to receive her Bachelors in Healthcare Administration in 2017.
Victoria is currently in school working on her Masters in Public Health, at Georgia. Upon graduation, Victoria plans to become a qualified educator and provide knowledge and awareness to at-risk youth. She is truly passionate about giving people, especially children, the help and resources that they need. This shines very brightly at Spruce Health Group!
Victoria’s passion for health care came to light after years of working in a nursing home within the memory care unit and seeing the benefits helping others with not only herself but the residence as well. That role helped her decide that she wanted to make a career out of helping others in any way she could. Victoria Gallegos then went on to work at St. Anthony’s in Lakewood, CO in the Cardiovascular Unit for several years then moving into Family and Internal Medicine along with Personal Injury/Motor Vehicle Accident treatment. She always finds a way to work in the health care field!
Victoria Gallegos has enjoyed playing basketball since she was in high school. She also loves music, spending time with her children, swimming, going to parks, going on small hikes to explore, and long drives in the mountains. Her and her children love the outdoors and animals!