Becca Johnson

Clinic Manager

Becca Johnson is the Clinic Manager at Spruce Health Group’s Golden, CO clinic. She is no stranger to health care, first experiencing the field when she worked at an elderly rehabilitation center in New York. She loved her role as activity coordinator, making her realize that the health care field was for her. Wanting to get more experience, Becca began working at a medical aesthetics spa where she helped with scheduling, patient prep, and more. Becca’s skills and experiences have made her a great fit as a Spruce Health Group clinic manager!
Becca Johnson’s favorite thing about Spruce Health Group is that she gets to work with the older population on a daily basis. Growing up, Becca knew this is what she wanted to do, and was able to improve her skills through volunteer work with her local retirement communities. “That left a huge impression on me as a young person. My position at the rehab center then allowed me to work closely with the older population and just overall make their day better. I thoroughly enjoyed putting together activities for them, and their joy made the job so rewarding” says Becca. She loves to see the progress the patients at Spruce Health Group make and to see them leave happier than when they came in. “We have had patients tell us that we have changed their lives and that is just such an amazing feeling. I love that we give them the very best of us and that we put our patients first”.
Becca Johnson has received training in education in several fields, including childhood education, criminal justice, and her newfound passion of fitness as she’s studying to be a personal trainer. She enjoys running, reading, spending lots of time at the gym, being with her husband, and hiking, with her favorite spot being the Chautauqua Trail. Becca has moved more than 11 times in her life. From Mexico City to various states across America, she’s a true traveler!