Andre Matip

Clinic Manager

Andre Matip is the Clinic Manager at Spruce Health Group’s Boulder clinic. With a decade of professional experience in the entrepreneurship space and the financial industry, Andre built two startups – one in Fintech and the other in Edtech and then moved into the finance industry where he worked for one of the top five largest Investment and Wealth Management companies in the world as a Financial Advisor – handling clients’ portfolios between $250k to $8M in assets.

During his professional journey, he has always provided excellent leadership with a great sense of emotional intelligence. He has overseen daily operations of high-paced business development, supervised staff on a global scale, and controlled and managed quarterly budgets dedicated to improving business operations and programs that have helped teams to maximize efficiency with incredible results.

Andra Matip is super excited about joining the Spruce Health Group family and strongly believes that together with this new team, they will positively impact the health of so many people in the community – allowing every client to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Over the years, while collaborating with others, he believes that his openness to learning new things and the flexibility to try new ideas has helped him build, grow and maintain strong business relationships – skills and expertise he looks forward to expanding with his new team at Spruce Health Group.

With his roots in the West African land of Cameroon, Andre Matip is also an avid storyteller and a Children’s Book author. Collaborating with his children is at the core of his writing process. At sunrise and sunset, Andre loves to spend time with his kids, reading books to them, writing more crazy stories and hoping to get wings one day so he can fly like an American Eagle.