Spruce Health Group Opens Colorado Springs Practice

July 13, 2021

Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine Practice Opens Fourth Colorado Location

Spruce Health Group, the Colorado-based healthcare clinic providing cutting-edge regenerative medicine to seniors, today announced the opening of its Colorado Springs location. Spruce Health Group’s flagship location in Golden opened in August of 2020, and the brand has since launched facilities in Aurora, Thornton, and Colorado Springs with a Littleton clinic planned for later this year. The momentum comes as seniors are addressing long-neglected physical ailments that they were forced to postpone during the pandemic.

According to a 2017 report issued by the U.S. Census Bureau, Colorado has been listed as the “best state for aging,” as the state prioritizes services for seniors. By the year 2030, Colorado predicts its senior population to reach 1.27 million, a 77% increase since 2015.

“This explosive expansion has allowed us to continue treating one of the community’s most vulnerable populations,” said Dr. Andrew Allen, Head of Clinical Operations at Spruce Health Group. “The pandemic had unimaginable impacts on the senior population – both physically and mentally. As they work to normalize and return to their routines, many will be facing unforeseen difficulties after remaining indoors and sedentary for an entire year. All of our clinics are specialized for seniors, so no matter what our patients are facing they can know they’re in the best hands possible.”

The offerings at Spruce Health Group help seniors live a more comfortable and independent life. While specialties include osteoarthritis and knee pain – some of the leading ailments facing seniors – every patient that visits a clinic receives a one-of-a-kind treatment plan with long term success in mind. Spruce Health Group offers nutritional testing, aesthetic and regenerative treatments, durable mechanical equipment, and diagnostic services including X-ray and ultrasound imaging to successfully plan treatments for painful joints and custom medical weight loss plans. Spruce Health Group also helps patients address nutrient deficiencies contributing to chronic pain and other conditions.

“Many seniors are hesitant to address their nagging ailments in fear of invasive surgeries and expensive medical bills,” continued Allen. “At Spruce Health Group we focus on proactive, preventative, and retroactive treatment options that are as minimally invasive as possible. We work to implement healthy practices and course correct bad habits to help patients live their most active and independent life.”

Spruce Health Group has locations in Golden, Aurora, Thornton and Colorado Springs.

Elizabeth Harris
Pipit Communications for Spruce Health Group

Originally published on July 13, 2021 at EIN Press Wire

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