Chronic Wound Care

Chronic Wound Care

What is a chronic wound?

According to American Family Physician website, “Chronic wounds are those that do not progress through a normal, orderly, and timely sequence of repair. They are common and are often incorrectly treated. The morbidity and associated costs of chronic wounds highlight the need to implement wound prevention and treatment guidelines.” (

Why Spruce Health Group?

In partnership with Restore Wound Care, we offer truly revolutionary chronic wound care with an insurance-backed protocol for treating recalcitrant wounds that prove difficult to heal using conventional wound care methods.

Our treatment protocol incorporates a combination of therapies including our exclusively sourced amnio products that rapidly promote healing in wound areas. Our approach can provide either in-clinic or on-location care options. Meaning we can and do go directly to the patient’s home, where they are most comfortable, to provide these treatments. And our caring team will explain the protocols to the patient step-by-step.

Whether you name it chronic, persistent or recalcitrant… we know it dramatically affects quality of life.

It is so impactful to hear how life-changing this protocol can be. Hear from three of our patients on the Restore Wound Care Testimonials page.

“I was going to Doctor’s appointments week after week and it had been four years. They wanted to help me but didn’t know how. You know, being 38 and thinking your life is going to end soon, that is a terrible place to be in. I started Restore Medical two months ago. My right wound is almost completely healed and my left wound is very close. This is the best I’ve felt in years. I’m just so grateful.”

Restore Wound Care Patient 2021

Check out our other chronic wound care testimonial videos and case studies. Please be advised that some videos and the case study page have graphic before and after photos which some audiences may find upsetting and may not be appropriate for children.

Most insurance accepted, including Medicare Part B