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Andrew Allen, DC

Older gentleman endorsing self care

Healthy Aging for Men, Step Up to #HealthyLiving

Thu, Jun 16, 2022
by Andrew Allen, DC
Knowledge is Power Healthy aging for men should be easier than ever, right? Medical advancements in our healthcare are expansive and ever-increasing. So it stands to reason that men’s health is also at a height of knowledge that has never been seen previously, and that continues to progress at a rapid pace. Therefore, it would seem, that it is a simple task to provide…
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Categories: Anti-Aging
health and wellness based technology for seniors

Health and Wellness-Based Technology for Seniors

Thu, Jun 9, 2022
by Andrew Allen, DC

In our highly connected, information driven world there are thousands of health and wellness apps and programs...

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Valentine's Day for People with Diabetes Mellitus

Valentine’s Day for People with Diabetes Mellitus

Mon, Feb 7, 2022
by Andrew Allen, DC

When making plans to show our loved ones how much they mean to us, we need to consider those individuals in our lives who suffer from diabetes, and how best to celebrate with them in ways that are not detrimental to their health.

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Categories: General, Medical Weight Loss and Nutritional Therapy, Restore PIR Therapies